About Imagymnasium

Welcome to Imagymnasium, where Lena Gelman serves as the dedicated Director, bringing a wealth of experience in educating children to our preschool. Ms. Gelman’s profound passion for education led her to envision Imagymnasium as a space that thoroughly prepares young minds for their educational journey. As the visionary leader, she ensures our preschool is equipped with the best possible learning tools, including books, puzzles, toys, and more.

Ms. Gelman takes great pride in curating a team of hand-picked teachers and staff members, chosen for their ability to deliver an exceptional learning experience. At Imagymnasium, we strive to create an environment where children flourish, armed with the skills and inspiration needed for their educational milestones. Join us on this educational adventure, where Ms. Gelman’s commitment transforms learning into a captivating and enriching experience for every child.