Enrichment Programs

Singapore Math

In 1982, the Singaporean education system went through a significant change, resulting in their students being the highest ranking in the world in mathematics and science, today. According to the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS), Singapore scores first in math.
At Imagymnasium, we are moving beyond traditional approaches to learn mathematics, maximizing your student’s academic potential, and increase their engagement and love for learning. This is why we are using the teaching methods of Singapore to help your child grow.


Singapore math is based on three crucial steps. The first is concrete methods, where students are engaged in hands-on learning. Then, they move to pictorial methods, in order to visualize the math they experience. Lastly, they quantify their experience, by using numbers and other mathematical representations.
At Imagymnasium, we are giving students the tools they need to succeed in their futures. Our math program is based on Singapore methods. They’ll get help to overcome the problems that they face in math. Newfound skills in math will develop self-confidence, something crucial to their daily lives.


You’ve heard the phrase before: children are like sponges. They’re constantly listening and absorbing the world around them. One thing they’re able to learn with ease is language. Therefore, it’s the perfect time for your child to learn English. When learning English, they learn more than just the language. They develop their creativity, developmental, and social skills.

English is not only vital for English speakers but non-English speakers as well. It will empower them to become active members in the global conversation. At Imagymnasium, your child’s English learning environment will be fun and entertaining. In our low-pressure environment, they will learn through play, songs, and activities.

Before their program begins, your child will be assessed on their reading and writing. This will place them on a level in which they will learn on that level, and will be later assessed to see if they will move to the next level.

Homework Help and Enrichment

At Imagymnasium, we offer homework help if your child struggles with his or her homework, or if they just need a space to get their studies done. Our goal is not only to help them complete their homework but develop good work habits, so your child will be able to complete it in an independent and in timely manner. In today’s world, children face high expectations and demands in their academic performance.  Therefore, it is our goal is to eliminate the stress associated with homework, which is frustrating for both parents and children.
The way Homework Help is facilitated is your child stays on a per-hour basis. This means that they can stay for up to three hours or just one hour, but they must stay for the entire hour. After their homework is completed, and if there is still time left in their Homework Help day, your child can enjoy free time with games.
Because of this, we offer an hour of Singapore math enrichment.
Our hours are:
K- 5th grade 3:15 – 6:00

SAT/ACT Prep​​​​​

We can help your student with some of their most important exams in life, the SAT, ACT, and SAT Subject Tests. These tests determine their chances in college admissions, something that will impact them for the rest of their lives. In order to help your student be the best test-taker they can be, our tutors will work to discover their weaknesses and help them improve their scores.
One of the best times to prepare for these exams is summertime. It’s challenging to study for an exam during the school year while your child is learning other material, and research shows that students make more progress when they are studying for these exams alone. Therefore, now is the perfect time to sign up today with Imagymnasium to get your child ahead!

Preschool and Kindergarten Prep

Imagymnasium offers Preschool & Kindergarten Prep programs for children of two to five years of age. Our goal to develop social, critical thinking, problem-solving, reasoning, and learning skills. Our approach is inquiry-based with an emphasis put on open-ended experiences, exploration, and discovery. In addition, we use sensory play, which aids your child in learning about the world around them, hands-on. At Imagymnasium, kids are going to have a great time learning life skills while exploring the world and having a lot of fun.
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Russian for Children

If you don’t want your children to forget the Russian language, sign them up for our Russian Language for children program at Imagymnasium. Your children will learn the alphabet, how to read, and gain Russian vocabulary whether we’re making crafts, doing science experiments, baking/cooking, or playing.


2022 Summer Camp – Around the World

Welcome to Imagymnasium Airlines! Your child will be going to different continents and countries throughout the summertime, learning about different places and cultures worldwide. We will do arts and crafts, science experiments, play indoors and outdoors, and other enriching activities to learn and create a memorable experience. There are so many things to explore!

Birthday Parties

Looking for a fun space to host your child’s birthday party?
Look no further! Imagymnasium is a great place to celebrate. We have music, games, arts & crafts…
At the center of downtown Harrison, our large, new space is perfect for your birthday party needs. Contact us for more information on times and rates.